Thursday, November 24, 2011

Don't Be "BITR" about Exercise... HAVE FUN!

In my August post, I mentioned that the four primary reasons people don't exercise are boredom, injury, time and results. If you look at the first letter of each word it spells BITR... Ok, it is not spelled correctly... just get hooked on phonics for a minute and pronounce it BITTER. Being a huge fan of acronyms, I created one to explain how we can "sweeten" exercise by learning how to HAVE FUN!

H - Make it a habit.  Exercise only on the days you choose to eat!
A - Avoid the terrible too's.  Start slowly and progress gradually!
V - Prevent boredom & overuse injuries, select a variety of activities
E - You have to select exercise you enjoy!

F - Focus on safety.  Get the ok from your doctor!
U -Understand the FITT principle.  Get guidance from a fitness professional and learn the principles of exercise... frequency, intensity, type and time.
N - Nutrition.  Exercising does not give you a license to eat whatever you want... eat like an athlete!

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