Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Merkism #3 - Sports Injury Rx

After a tough uphill run, you feel a "twing" in your calf. What should you do? A warm soak in the bathtub or bag of ice? Remember this... "Ice is Nice, Hot is Not!". For the first 48 hours or so after an injury, you should apply a nice cold bag of ice, a bag of frozen peas (my personal favorite)or one of the reusable gel packs that you keep in the freezer. Keep the ice on the injury for 15-20 minutes (leave it off for 30-40 minutes before you ice again). The official name for using ice is cryotherapy... Very appropriate because during the first few minutes you will want to cry... it is very uncomfortable! However, hang in there, after a couple of minutes the area will become numb and the "frozen water" will begin it's therapeutic magic! In the words of our favorite rapper named Vanilla...remember to "ice, ice, baby!

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